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What is an Effluent Treatment Plant?

Water is one of the most important components used in all types of industries. It is used in many processes of Industry. It may be used for washing, heat exchanging, condensing steam, cooling, etc. But water used in industry is not fit for consumption. Hence, almost all the industries that

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Sewage Treatment

Sewage, also called, sewerage in many places is a major problem for society. If not treated properly, it can be a major breeding ground for disease spreading – insects. With the onset of stricter pollution norms and more environmental awareness, government bodies are now striving towards making necessary environmental changes

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Treating Tannery Wastewater

There is much importance in treating wastewater from tanneries to avoid pollution in the environment. The purpose of establishing a good wastewater treatment plant is to reduce environmental contamination through proper treatment of effluent from leather production activities. Treatment of wastewater from the tannery can only be effective if, the wastewater is
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Sugar Wastewater

Sugar is a primary source of glucose in the human diet. It plays a very important role in life. Any kind of celebration or event usually ends on a sweet note, and perhaps any kind of sweet delicacy or a dessert. Although, the production of sugar is not so sweet
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Dairy Wastewater Treatment

The dairy industry consists of converting raw milk into various dairy products like pasteurized milk, curd, butter, ghee, whey powder, paneer, cheese, ice creams, etc. Though these products are harmless to the human body (if consumed in correct quantities).

In the processing of milk products, water is being used and so wastewater is generated which is harmful to the environment if not treated properly. It can do a lot of damage to the environment as It has high BOD, COD, and FOGlevels that can lead to eutrophication, if discharged, untreated into the environment. Dairy wastewater also releases a foul odor and has turbid levels.

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