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How FRP tanks can give you long term benefits?

UY Trienviro is always looking forward to providing cost-effective solutions to our customers. Challenge: We were presented with a challenge to make the Sewage Treatment Plant cost-effective and low maintenance. So, we introduced an FRP-based tank to our clients to save the CAPEX cost. FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) tanks offer

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Dairy Wastewater: Unveiling the Complexity and Its Harmful Effects

Introduction: Dairy production is a significant industry that plays a crucial role in the global food supply. However, the process of transforming milk into various dairy products generates substantial amounts of wastewater. While it may seem like a simple byproduct, dairy wastewater poses several challenges and detrimental effects on the environment.

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DilyDairy. How UY Trienviro’s Advanced Technologies are Making the Dairy Industry More Sustainable Responsible?

The dairy industry consists of converting raw milk into various dairy products like pasteurized milk, curd, butter, ghee, whey powder, paneer, cheese, ice creams, etc. Though these products are harmless to the human body (if consumed in correct quantities).

In the processing of milk products, water is being used and so wastewater is generated which is harmful to the environment if not treated properly. It can do a lot of damage to the environment as It has high BOD, COD, and FOGlevels that can lead to eutrophication, if discharged, untreated into the environment. Dairy wastewater also releases a foul odor and has turbid levels.

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