Sugar is a primary source of glucose in the human diet. It plays a very important role in life. Any kind of celebration or event usually ends on a sweet note, and perhaps any kind of sweet delicacy or a dessert. Although, the production of sugar is not so sweet to nature. Sugar manufacturing is somewhat harmful to nature if the wastewater is not treated and discharged properly. 

UY Trienviro understands the sugar industry. We understand how important it is for the sugar mills to have 24X7 operational sugar mills during the season. We also understand that proper results from the Effluent Treatment Plant at the sugar mills are highly imperative to keep the mill from stopping. We have developed several technologies for the proper and efficient treatment of sugar wastewater. UY Trienviro, in a span of fewer than 7 years has made a mark on the sugar industry. Our constant research and development have been recognised by our clients and we have made ourselves and our plants greatly useful to our clients


With the onset of stricter government norms, there was a strict need to install strong technology to give better results. It was recently mandated by the Pollution Control authorities to treat the effluent and reuse the treated water back in production. 

We have tested, installed, and commissioned Condensate Polishing Units (CPU) at many sugar mills. CPUs allow the mill owners to reuse the treated water back into the production process. As it is known, sugar cane the raw material of sugar is comprised of 70% water and treated water from the Effluent Treatment Plant gets discharged. But now with CPU, the dependence on groundwater can be decreased drastically and sugar mills can become self-reliant in terms of water consumption.

Sulphate removal also poses a huge problem to the sugar industry. We have developed a technology to remove sulphur from sugar wastewater. We have installed various plants throughout the country. 

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