Sewage, also called, sewerage in many places is a major problem for society. If not treated properly, it can be a major breeding ground for disease spreading – insects. With the onset of stricter

pollution norms and more environmental awareness, government bodies are now striving towards making necessary environmental changes at the micro levels. Hence, the installation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) has become a need of the hour. STP is highly important and mandatory (in some cases) for residential societies, commercial complexes, hotels, government offices, factories, etc.

We, at UY Trienviro, understand the need of STPs at your projects and therefore, offer sustainable, economical and practical solutions. We are one of the 1st companies in the country to introduce Ozonation treatment in sewage, which makes the treated water very suitable for toilet-flushing and other usage. We also make sure that the area used in the plant is the very least so that your precious land is not wasted in any way and the running cost of the plant is low so that, it doesn’t become a burden for the clients.

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