The dairy industry consists of converting raw milk into various dairy products like pasteurized milk, curd, butter, ghee, whey powder, paneer, cheese, ice creams, etc. Though these products are harmless to the human body (if consumed in correct quantities).

In the processing of milk products, water is being used and so wastewater is generated which is harmful to the environment if not treated properly. It can do a lot of damage to the environment as It has high BOD, COD, and FOGlevels that can lead to eutrophication, if discharged, untreated into the environment. Dairy wastewater also releases a foul odor and has turbid levels.

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We genuinely believe that we have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, but we have borrowed it from our children. UY Trienviro has always taken upon its ethos to #GiveItBetter. In doing so, we make sure that all the solutions are making the best impact on our earth and all the plants give the most optimized results. We make sure that our designed wastewater treatment plants meet the best standards and engineering practices. UY Trienviro always strides towards giving highly innovative solutions to our customers while leaving no stones unturned in providing effective yet sustainable solutions.

UY Trienviro has achieved a great feat in the dairy industry in a short time. We are the first company in India to provide an effective yet sustainable treatment scheme for the treatment of dairy wastewater generated from Bulk Milk Chilling Centres (BMC) at the micro-level through the Ozonation process. Our design scheme has been approved by the apex body of the Dairy Industry – National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Gujrat.

Our first plant was installed at the Mujkuva Dairy in Anand, Gujrat is an epitome of sustainable treatment and has been approved by NDDB. This plant does not require a lot of maintenance and uses very less manpower because it is plug and run basis. It was designed keeping in mind that dairy BMCs have resource constraints and that it needs to be simple in their operation and maintenance. We even got orders from MILMA Dairy for four of their of BMCs in Kerela.

All these are running successfully for the last three years. Our plant also got featured in NDDB’s official article for our innovation. We are happy to announce that we will win a patent soon for this technology.

UY Trienviro also endeavors to provide solutions to larger dairies through constant R&D. We have installed ETP in Jagdalpur Dairy, Chattishgarh, two plants of Aurangabad Dairy, Maharashtra, and four plants of Namastay Dairy, UP.

We even recently bagged an order for an Effluent Treatment Plant from Gokul Dairy, Kolhapur, Maharashtra to supply, install and commission an Anaerobic Digester with Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) based Aerobic ETP of capacity 300 KLD. We are one of the first in the industry to provide this scheme. MBR technology is responsible for reducing the area required for an aerobic tank drastically and after this treated water can be used directly in a few processes.

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