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Solid Reduction

There is a tendency to operate the bio-digesters with higher biomass / solids concentration as an offset to variation in influent conditions. This has resulted in heavy overflow of solids from the digester outlet Again, the traditional technology of lamella clarifiers Employed for reduction of the solids has proved to be non-effective. This was posing little problem when this effluent was directly taken to composting. However as an inlet to RO / MEE, this becomes a real problem issue for working of these system. Since these are not supposed to handle solids in sizable concentration, in fact very low solids concentrations are permitted as inlet parameter of these equipment’s. We propose to provide a treatment structure for these solids concentration-reduction, so that the volume reduction equipment’s function with their desired efficiency.



Everyday Clean of Water

Everyday Clean of Water


Happy Customers

Happy Customers


Complete Proejcts

Complete Proejcts

  • Integrated Degasifying system. No extra steam required.
  • Five / Six Effect evaporator design with high steam economy.
  • Integration with Bio-methanation plant to get lower operating cost.
  • State of the art Automation to get consistent output.
  • Experience of many Biomethanted Evaporation plant to get best possible results on national and international database of molasses based distillery.
  • Modern manufacturing facility with TIG welding as per international codes.
  • Project execution and benchmarking with a dedicated project management team.
  • Highly reliable vacuum system design.
  • Evaporator Body interchangeability design as a unique feature.
  • To facilitate lowest operating cost and utility consumption


With the water source getting scares and the distillery consuming considerable water, both the fermentation addition and cooling tower make-up, the efforts are initiated to identify partially polluted water streams and reuse the same after selective treatment. Condensate is generated from evaporation of biodigested spentwash in MEE. This condensate and spent leese are treated by polishing unit to achieve zero discharge. The above mentioned constraint conditions or parameter concentrations indicate that Condensate has moderate organic load. The scheme for Distillery Condensate and Spent lease treatment shall be: Equalization tank → Anaerobic Filter →Aeration tank I → Clarifier I →Multimedia filter → Activated carbon filter → Softener → Reuse for cooling tower make-up A scheme with tested biological reaction parameters and kinetics is designed to suit the constraint conditions. The diagrammatic representation of the treatment approach is given herewith.

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