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We are here to discuss about your factory wastewater needs & your shoe’s longevity.

Tannery owners & footwear manufacturers need to run their units 24X7. But sometimes due to unsatisfactory pollution norms, the production units may end up shutting for a while which results in a major production loss. We can make sure that your factory meets the wastewater pollution norms. To know more about the tannery wastewater treatment or sewage treatment for footwear manufacturing units

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We understand the shoe industry and are therefore, giving a solution that helps you get rid of problems like fungus & mould growth. Our company has come with an innovative machine that helps you get rid of such problems. To understand more about this machine, click here.

Footwear made of leather needs to be treated for moisture removal before packaging for export otherwise, the footwear may catch fungus during the transit. Are you treating your footwear properly? Buyers & importers are very careful with their order and if not cared properly,
a claim is just a mail away!

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