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Membrane Bio Reactor

The membran bio reactor (MBR) is the technology of membrane separation combining with traditional sewage biology treatment tech. It reinforces the biological treatment of sewage treatment and recycling technology, it is also called membrane separation activated sludge treatment. MBR holds the activated sludge and big molecule organics in the aeration tank increases the sludge concentration.

In the meanwhile, the pollutants can be degraded in the tank further and effectively, making the permeate water quality cleaner. Due to the precision of membrane filtration, the permeate water is clean and clear, so it can save the secondary sedimentation tank to increase the efficiency of solid-liquid separation. The air-water circulation flow in bioreactor can mix the wastewater fully, and make high dispersion of active sludge by increasing the specific surface area of active sludge. It is an important reason behind the effective removal of pollutants. Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) fully separate from Sludge Retention Time (SRT). Bioreactor fully holds sludge in reaction tank, realize complete separation of HRT and SRT, making system working more flexible and stable. Higher sludge concentration, larger volume loading, lesser land occupations are few advantages.

Due to high sludge holding capacity of bioreactor, the sludge can reach 8-12g/l, which is 2-3 times than traditional active sludge treatment. Because of long sludge age, the microorganisms in reaction tank are mostly in decline phase, the reactor can play a role of ‘sludge nitration tank’. It can observably reduce residual sludge, then save the cost to treat them. Reproduction of nitrobacteria which growing slowly. Greatly increase the denitrification efficiency of system. Strong capacity of the load impact resistance Because of the sludge holding in reaction tank, the sludge will change according to the organic pollutants concentration change to reach dynamic balance, greatly increasing the capacity of load impact resistance, thereby making permeate water more stable.MBR technology reduces the area acceleration and tank capacity to 1/3rd thereby reducing the aquicence for the total plant.


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