Bay Tanneries Unit-2 Ltd. - UY Trienviro Pvt. Ltd.

Bay Tanneries Unit-2 Ltd.

  • A 30 KLD ETP was established and executed in a confined space at the Bay Tannery.
  • Our installed ETP helped them in fulfilling some of the LWG compliances.

We are thrilled to announce that our first export order has been made executed successfully.
1. This was our first export order. It took us some time to enter the export market but it definitely is another scenario to bring foreign currency to the country.
2. Our project Co-ordinator, Mr. Sangam Vishwakrma is congratulated by the respected managing director of Bay Tanneries along with the Mechanical manager & Admin manager.

  • Products: ETP for leather finishing unit
  • Industry: Leather
  • Capacity: 30 KLD
  • Sector: Private

Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd. is the largest sugar producing mill in Bihar. This is our flagship project wherein, we designed, supplied, erected, installed, tested & commissioned a Sulphate Removal System and upgraded their Effluent Treatment Plant of capacity 2 MLD & 4.8 MLD respectively. The plant is running successfully since 2019.

We have even installed a Sludge Handling System to take over the sugar sludge. We were able to bag this order due to constant innovation and our no-compromise on quality policy.

Project Highlights
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Capacity: 4.8 ML
  • Sulphate Removal System Capacity: 2 MLD
  • Sludge Handling System: 140 KLD
  • Flash Mixers & Flocculator Capacity: 63 KL

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