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Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd.

  • Location: Harinagar, Bihar
  • Products: ETP & SRS
  • Industry: Sugar Mill
  • Capacity: 4800 KLD
  • Sector: Private

Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd. is the largest sugar producing mill in Bihar. This is our flagship project wherein, we designed, supplied, erected, installed, tested & commissioned a Sulphate Removal System and upgraded their Effluent Treatment Plant of capacity 2 MLD & 4.8 MLD respectively. The plant is running successfully since 2019.

We have even installed a Sludge Handling System to take over the sugar sludge. We were able to bag this order due to constant innovation and our no-compromise on quality policy.

Project Highlights
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Capacity: 4.8 ML
  • Sulphate Removal System Capacity: 2 MLD
  • Sludge Handling System: 140 KLD
  • Flash Mixers & Flocculator Capacity: 63 KL